25 Things To Do Before You Turn 25

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1. Make peace with your parents. Whether you finally recognize that they actually have your best interests in mind or you forgive them for being flawed human beings, you can’t happily enter adulthood with that familial brand of resentment. (J: I only learn after I ‘lose’ them, like in 2010 when I got stuck at Heathrow Airport all alone without family.)

2. Kiss someone you think is out of your league; kiss models and med students and entrepreneurs with part-time lives in Dubai and don’t worry about if they’re going to call you afterward. (J: Hahahaha I should get my first kiss first)

3. Minimize your passivity. (J: Tough, for someone who thinks way too much and spends a good part of her life pondering on the reason for her existence)

4. Work a service job to gain some understanding of how tipping works, how to keep your cool around assholes, how a few kind words can change someone’s day. (J: I know the 2nd and 3rd part. Would really like to work as a barista tho! Even tho it’s super lowly paid)

5. Recognize freedom as a 5:30 a.m. trip to the diner with a bunch of strangers you’ve just met. (J: I’m already so unwilling to go out on a 5:30 p.m. dinner with non-strangers! Hahaha. Surprise me.)

6. Try not to beat yourself up over having obtained a ‘useless’ Bachelor’s Degree. Debt is hell, and things didn’t pan out quite like you expected, but you did get to go to college, and having a degree isn’t the worst thing in the world to have. We will figure this mess out, I think, probably; the point is you’re not worth less just because there hasn’t been an immediate pay off for going to school. Be patient, work with what you have, and remember that a lot of us are in this together. (J: No comments. God would take us to where he wants us to go. Just.. pray.)

7. If you’re employed in any capacity, open a savings account. You never know when you might be unemployed or in desperate need of getting away for a few days. Even $10 a week is $520 more a year than you would’ve had otherwise. (J: Is it strange that I have had it for the longest time ever? Nah, probably not.)

8. Make a habit of going outside, enjoying the light, relearning your friends, forgetting the internet. (J: YAY!!!!!)

9. Go on a 4-day, brunch-fueled bender. (J: Oh hell to the no)

10. Start a relationship with your crush by telling them that you want them. Directly. Like, look them in the face and say it to them. Say, I want you. I want to be with you. (J: OMG Probably would be the most dangerous thing I’ll ever do in my life)

11. Learn to say ‘no’ — to yourself. Don’t keep wearing high heels if you hate them; don’t keep smoking if you’re disgusted by the way you smell the morning after; stop wasting entire days on your couch if you’re going to complain about missing the sun. (J: Speaks to me entirely lollllll)

12. Take time to revisit the places that made you who you are: the apartment you grew up in, your middle school, your hometown. These places may or may not be here forever; you definitely won’t be. (J: I miss NAPS 😦 But I can’t go back to Brunei or Aussie hahaha maybe not yet.)

13. Find a hobby that makes being alone feel lovely and empowering and like something to look forward to. (J: Reading haha (Y))

14. Think you know yourself until you meet someone better than you. (J: Oh dear)

15. Forget who you are, what your priorities are, and how a person should be. (J: What, should I be getting drunk???)

16. Identify your fears and instead of letting them dictate your every move, find and talk to people who have overcome them. Don’t settle for experiencing .000002% of what the world has to offer because you’re afraid of getting on a plane. (J: In fact I love the airplane. But no, I need a counsellor desperately)

17. Make a habit of cleaning up and letting go. Just because it fit at one point doesn’t mean you need to keep it forever — whether ‘it’ is your favorite pair of pants or your ex.

18. Stop hating yourself. (J: I’m a bitch ahhahaa)

19. Go out and watch that movie, read that book, listen to that band you already lied about watching, reading, listening to. (J: I would just say I didn’t do any of them in the first place LOL)

20. Take advantage of health insurance while you have it. (J: Count the blessings of being a Singaporean man. And parents who are more concerned about your health than your future. No sarcasm there)

21. Make a habit of telling people how you feel, whether it means writing a gushing fan-girl email to someone whose work you love or telling your boss why you deserve a raise. (J: I feel like writing a fanmail.)

22. Date someone who says, “I love you” first.  (J: Already blushing like mad in advance. FYI I don’t blush.)

23. Leave the country under the premise of “finding yourself.” This will be unsuccessful. Places do not change people. Instead, do a lot of solo drinking, read a lot of books, have sex in dirty hostels, and come home when you start to miss it. (J: I did this when I was 17.)

24. Suck it up and buy a Macbook Pro. (J: Oh, my, God this costs a bomb)

25. Quit that job that’s making you miserable, end the relationship that makes you act like a lunatic, lose the friend whose sole purpose in life is making you feel like you’re perpetually on the verge of vomiting. You’re young, you’re resilient, there are other jobs and relationships and friends if you’re patient and open. (J: Maybe one day, I will sell my assets (if I even own any then), take a camera and travel the world (& seek grace in all) LOL)


Singing my blues

Mum just dropped the biggest bomb on me after I was somehow settled on the fact that I’d be doing Arts and Social Sciences for the next 4 years.

Not going to say anything this time, until I find out whether it’ll actually fall through or not.. don’t wanna always get my hopes up to be disappointed in the end.

Shall stop singing my blues (still my 2nd favourite BigBang song), stay positive and make the most out of whatever time I have here with awesome and crazy people =D

Ten Things To Do When You Feel Like Crap

(from thepinkpopcorn.t)

1. Have a really hot, long shower. Cry if you need to. Sit on the ground. Feel sorry for yourself. Let the steam soak into your skin. Let the hot water wash your face clean. But the moment you turn off that water, you are done feeling sorry for yourself. Make a decision to move on from that sadness. (J: Personal fave. I spend longer than necessary in the shower burning myself in the hot water, cry excessively and then move on)

2. Clean. I know, cleaning is boring and annoying – but how about that feeling you get when you are finished? The smell of the vacuum. That feeling of accomplishment? Who knows, you might even find money along the way. Totally worth it. It’s like starting with a clean slate. (J: I know this habit. This usually comes before I cry. When something’s off I tend to start packing my shelves, my wardrobes, reorganise my clothes, fold my clothes properly..)

3. Call a friend you haven’t spoken to for a while. If your first choice doesn’t pick up, choose someone else. Ask them all about how their lives are going and tell them about yours. Not only will it take your mind off whatever crappy thing you have been plagued by, but you will laugh with them! Laughing triggers endorphins and endorphins make you happy! (J: not a phone person.. don’t usually like to cry on the phone)

4. Go for a run or a walk. This get’s your endorphins and dopamine going crazy. You will get more energy and more happiness just because the chemicals in your body are running around!

5. Stop and take it all in. Walking in the night? Stop and look at the stars. Breathe in the cold air. Feel alive. (J: Usually resort to this when I’m out. I take longer than usual to return home, sometimes stopping by the pool to chill….)

6. Stop whining. Ever heard the saying “love life and life will love you back”? Or, the idea of the power of attraction? It’s true! If you sit around saying “why me, waaaaa waaaa” then bad things will happen to you. You’re already defeated. If you start saying, “I will be happy, I will accomplish my ambitions, I will find love, I do look amazing, I am a great friend” etc., then not only will you start to believe them but you will be amazed at what amazing things start to happen. (J: Post-#1)

7. Drink tea. This always works. Not a tea fan? Try hot water with a slice of lemon and some agave syrup. (J: Used to do that, but after mixing my teabags.. I’m not a fan of my EBT mixed with EGT anymore)

8. Make a conscious decision to stop holding certain grudges. We all have people we have held grudges on in the past. Let them go. If you feel like you owe this person an apology, don’t be too proud. Send them a sincere facebook apology. Sincerity is in the intent, so even if it’s a 2 sentence apology – as long as you mean it it’s worth it. (J: Damn the pride)

9. Cook some really nice, warm food. Stimulate your taste buds with anything as simple as two minute noodles or as lavish as a three course garlic bread, pasta bake, chocolate mousse triple combo. (J: I just binge lol)

10. Write down a list of goals to achieve for the week. As simple as “buy insect repellent” or as large as “jog for 25 minutes non stop” and tick them off when they’re done. You will feel very accomplished and that alone will help pep up your mood! (J: This kinda sounds like working to keep yourself busy huh)