I don’t club.
I really dislike smokers.

Somehow I feel the need to say that.

(Hey, no judging right? It’s just me.)



More than half the year has flown by.

The kids that I’ve been taking since they were pesky cute little Year 1s are going to pass out next Saturday as Year 4s. Some of them will stay on, while some of them would leave. For me, I’ve just taken up what used to seem like a huge shoe to fill and I’m a JNCO KAH now 😮 😮 shocking HAHAHA. 5 years ago nobody would ever think that I would be filling in those shoes. Boss has now graduated and is working like mad in SGH. Oh and I even did SNCO.. What an experience 😮

I’ve also worked at MOE, DHS and SSS! LOL. Amazing experience at all 3 institutions, good or bad. I’ve learnt so much. I’ve been blessed so so much with a great work environment and with the nicest people as my bosses and colleagues. Praise God!

Lydia is now in NYP studying OT and Mae is on her final year in NP. Guys have gone into army, with a couple of them in OCS getting their new vocations today. Liwen is busy with whatever she’s busy with though she has only less than 2 months left in Singapore. Bulk of us would be in NUS, with Chau, Jade and I in the same hall.

Managed to catch up with some people I lost touch with over the last couple of years, namely Yingying K, Esther H, Cheryl S and Qiya. Was really nice meeting them again and talking nonsense 🙂

Met some new people from camps.. nice seniors, funny people, dude who looks really like a HK actor (Ruco Chen), people who click instantly.. Amazing. Let’s just leave it at this note.

And of course, I went back to church. New uni LG 🙂 Went to Uni Camp OH YEAH. God is the King!

School’s about to start, and I’m in a bunch of knots and anxiety trying to strike a balance in my life to come. It’s crazy, I know. Thank God for Cheryl Chau TBH. Let’s make it worth it 🙂


Contrary to my personal expectations it has recently been a deep revelation of mine that I am not that guarded when it comes to sharing about my life. In fact, I am so willing to talk about it. I think I’m just not sure who would have the patience and kindness to listen from the start :/

Quite sick and tired of superficial compassion, tbh. Genuine compassion doesn’t come easy.. You easily pass off as pity.

I often wonder if compassion is genetic. While my heart tells me that I must be compassionate towards the less fortunate, my mind often automatically switches to pity, as if it were all natural. And then I would silently chastise myself for thinking that way.

(Crazy) Brain

Doesn’t it scare you that you have so much stuff going on in your brain you just wanna rip out some synapses and get yourself to stop thinking about ten things at the same time? Because it very well does scare me like crazy and all I want to think of is nothing.

Can we also ever truly run from our innermost hidden insecurities that we’ve buried since a long time ago? It’s a definite no, because they’ll come back to haunt us. The brain’s power of association is so strong that even the littlest of things triggers a memory.

Now I’m feeling like some crazy, depressed person AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH