i’m not sure

I’m actually pretty afraid of what will come this semester. I’ve never taken beyond the typical workload in my whole university career and have in fact been underloading for three semesters. Now I have to overload in my Honours year AND do Honours thesis with my placement agency AND plan&execute a neighbourhood health screening project with the Medicine students. And I have to start preparing for job interviews.

I’m not sure why I signed myself up for such a difficult life…….

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“We’re not really afraid to die. We’re only afraid of being forgotten. We know that we’ll be forgotten, and the idea is unbearable, don’t you agree? As time passes we become infrequent visitors in the minds of those left behind. The ones who clear out the house & divide up the belongings. Throw away the rubbish. And forget. If we knew that every evening someone lit a candle and sat down to think – thought about is if only for a few seconds – then we could depart this earth in peace. No-one will light a candle for me. Who would do that?”

난 지금 가장 두려운 일? 한 사람은 죽을 만큼 사랑할 수 있는 기회가 없다.

For The Moments

It’s not the bombastic displays of gratitude or acts of service, but the little moments and the little things that clients do that really make the hard work all worth it. There would probably be more difficult days than good days, especially in this line of work, but we can choose to focus more on the positive and the joy and the small successes and tiny wins. We don’t have to feel jaded because of the negative things and invite ourselves to burn out. And even when that happens, you can always look to people who understand the work that you do and the heart you put in.

If (I Were) You

My most recent favourites from 2NE1 & BB :> I swear they are damn awesome songs (I bawl each time I listen to them)

네가 나로 살아 봤으면 해
내가 너로 살아 봤으면 해
단 하루라도 느껴 봤으면 해
너의 마음
나의 마음


I wish you could be me
I wish I could be you
I wish you could feel it for just a day
Your heart
My heart

너도 나와 같이 힘들다면
우리 조금 쉽게 갈 수는 없을까


If you’re struggling like I am
Can’t we make things a little easier?