don’t worry, dear

was watching Infinite Challenge’s Wedding Singers and Lee Juck sang this live on request and i sobbed like a baby

You suffered so many hardships
You lost what it meant to be new
Let out all the hardships you went through
Let yourself go from the blame
Just let the past be the past
It’s meaningful in that way
Just sing to the one who left you
Say you loved them with no regrets

/cues mess because my thoughts are disorganized

it’s always been painful when you watch the ones you love the most crumble and fall apart. this while feeling so helpless, because all you ever wish you could do is to bear the pain for them. you wish that even in the depths of their wounds they’d see the hope that lingers, that they’d stop believing they are of any less worth because of whatever it is that they have lost or has happened to them.

i often wonder how i find myself in a position like that for one too many times. you cry alone at night, you feel the pain physically in your literal heartaches, you are dying to remind them “我在這,別忘了”, and you feel the hurt from deep down when you get rejected. but we all know it’s not about you. they do not need to bear your pain right now either.

and at some point in time you stop giving in to the helplessness of seemingly not being able to make a change in the situation. you remember that you still have power to change narratives, including your own, no matter how seemingly minor that power is expressed. and even if you find that you have poured yourself empty, God’s love and grace will go so much further than we could ever imagine.

my dear, don’t you worry


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