1.58 years old

Don’t know why I still come back to this space ever so once in a while (like some annual post here. It’s always when I’m in some random spur of super reflective introspective mode.

Last I wrote I was 8 months into work, and I was trying desperately to breathe and to hold on and to hang on, and to not let myself drown. 10 months later… I know I can breathe a bit better, but I also do know that with time, experience and knowledge I have to be able to learn how to help myself breathe for the long run, especially since soooo much has happened in the last 10 months. I went to Korea with my 2/3 of my best friends, dealt with a crisis case, started on yoga, went to Phuket with #plot33, moved house, started planning for a 50th anniversary gathering, did the 2nd half of my wisdom tooth surgery, booked my trip to Korea for the year, and started to work towards changing of workplaces as my (already decided) time in my current place has begun to end.

I also started to learn how to deal with my anxiety better and pamper myself still. I’ve faced many personal losses and confrontations about truths about myself and life and the world in general. I’ve begun to read more, eat better and exercise well. But most important I’ve started to dream more, love well, give my all, take less, and trust in the courage I have and choose vulnerability, irregardless. So here’s to the continuous fight for more grace and empathy in my own life, and to building it in the lives of others.

Run, and don’t hide.