&we will rejoice


像野草一樣活著 生生不息

In our pursuit for passion, there will be suffering. A hell lot of it. It might kill our fire, and we will struggle so powerfully there will be blood and sweat and tears. And these are the times that present to us hard choices. Hard choices that will define the kind of person that we are and the kind of person we want to be. And it is during these difficult times that we can grow in our capacity for love and compassion. 

And He will always be with us through it all. A grace-filled, if not always graceful self-transforming cycle that is driven by a pursuit of love through suffering.

We should not consider our poverty and limitations as failures, nor simply resign ourselves to them, but rather we should see them as an authentic school of transformation and contemplation.

And we will always have a choice. To be the better person, in spite of hard choices.