My thoughts become a bit strange when it comes down to night time. I suddenly have this explosion of personal thoughts and feelings that I spam on twitter (honestly, twitter is a place for unspoken speech bubbles). Sometimes I hope that someone would care enough to ask, but most of the time I just need an outlet. I mean, it’s kinda rude to assume someone cares right? Plus, it can be a burden when you have to listen to someone else’s problems.. since everyone has a problem somewhere in their life and nobody’s really free of them. We’ve all struggled with problems ourselves and will continue to struggle. But simply because we see it as a problem doesn’t mean we have to battle with it with our emotions. It’s just that, it’s the only way I know how. Some people see it as an opportunity to pull you down, some people see it as struggles to build us up. I’m just one of them who’s stuck in between..

Nowadays I’m just mostly stuck with problems in schools (there are suddenly many decisions to make when you’re knocked out of your one and only major, being only able to make the real decision in 6 months’ time) and, as usual, with my crappy personal emotions that I have no idea about.

Better get my laptop reformatted before school starts. The girl needs Skype and Windows Installer man.